2009-10 Activism Events Calendar

November 20: Students present the MCS Activism program at the TedX Youth Conference.

September 25-27: A delegation of three students and two teachers attend the Appalachia Rising Conference at Georgetown University, presenting a workshop on "Youth Organizing", and marching to demand that the EPA do their job.

May 22-27: Activism trip to the Coal River Valley!

May 19: Wayne from Ford Foundation leads a workshop with 7th & 8th graders on real wealth.

April 26: Andrew from Coal River Mountain Watch speaks with 7th and 8th graders about how the recent EPA announcement and mining disasters are impacting the region and their work on mountain top removal coal mining

April 17: Appalachian Folk Music Concert & fundraiser for our trip 1-4pm

March 22: The Beehive Collective presents their graphic campaign on "MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL: THE TRUE COST OF COAL" to the 7th and 8th grade in the MCS Music Room from 1-2pm

February 25: Dea from Coal River Mountain Watch and Climate Ground Zero visited 7th and 8th grade history classes

February 15-19: Teachers went on an exploratory trip to West Virginia to make connections and plan for the trip in May. They visited with representatives of Coal River Mountain Watch, Climate Ground Zero, Larry Gibson, SEAC, OHVEC, NRDC, Sierra Club.

February 11: Screening of Coal Country with panel discussion. Thanks to Ted Glick and Builder Levy for their contributions! Thanks also to Patagonia's environmental grants program for generously donating the items for our raffle.

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