We called our representatives to oppose H.R. 4731 - will you please call, too?

On Tuesday, the Manhattan Country School eighth graders made calls to the House Judiciary Committee urging them to oppose H.R. 4731, also known as “The Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act.”. Despite its misleading name, this bill allows states to decline any refugees who are seeking asylum to enter said state. We encourage you to call your district representative and say that you want to help welcome refugees and that you urge them to reject H.R. 4731.

According to human rights first, H.R. 4731 would dismantle the refugee resettlement system’s integrity by:

  • Drastically reducing the number of refugees the United States resettles annually.
  • Changing the definition of a refugee to make it harder for many of the most vulnerable victims of mass atrocities to receive protection.
  • Allow state and local authorities to veto refugee resettlement in their areas, undermining constitutionally designated federal authority.
  • Force refugees to re-prove their status three years after arrival, potentially re-traumatizing them and wasting government resources.

National security leaders agree that it is in U.S. national security interests to resettle refugees. Failing to do so undermines counterterrorism efforts and increases the strain on front-line states. Refugees are extensively vetted—more than any other group or individual entering the United States. Most importantly, this bill represents an abdication of the United States’ historic role as a leader in refugee resettlement. To send a message to your representative through click here.