Students attend Beyond Tolerance Workshop, December 10th

Beyond Tolerance events are designed to bring youth, educators, and community organizers together around LGBTQ issues. This fall’s youth conference, offered a variety of workshops on a wide range of topics led by youth and adults alike. Kristen took three students to the Beyond Tolerance Workshop to participate in workshops and learn about what other schools in New York City are doing to engage young people in the work of making schools safer for all.

Kai reports:
I participated in an anti-bullying workshop. We examined the contents of a "locker" to learn about the owner of the various objects inside it. From what we gathered, the owner was a victim of vicious bullying about his sexuality. We then pieced together the owner's life by acting out his memories. We learned and discussed what could have helped the owner tolerate the bullying and about what others could do to help him. I thought it was interesting to peer inside the life of this young man and to create this character, his challenges and his dreams, hopes and fears.

Claudia reports:
Kai and I went to a workshop called Coming Out. At the workshop participants shared personal stories about coming out and also stories about their friends and family coming out. The leaders of the workshop showed a video about how friends and family react to coming out and and also about how LGBT persons identify themselves. Then we did some acting out of scenes and scenarios of coming out including the reaction of others to the person's coming out.

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