Why Youth Immigration?

By Altana and Emma
8th graders 

We, the seventh and eighth graders of MCS, believe that this is an important topic for many reasons. Imagine being a young undocumented immigrant, brought from your country of birth to the United States, not by your own choice, but because your family was seeking a better life. Years later, you have a life in the United States — you have friends, a high school diploma, and ties to your community. Imagine then being deported from the only home you have ever known, because a police officer arrested you because you “look” like an “illegal” immigrant. This is what happens to undocumented youth every day as a result of recent legislation. Around the country, you would be unable to get a driver’s license, receive college loans, or get a job that you are otherwise qualified for.

The fifth floor believes this is unjust and we have decided to try to make a change. We understand that diversity is key in building a future for America, and by deporting these young people we are destroying a vital part of America’s future. By lobbying for youth immigration rights we will learn and teach each other not to not judge people by their immigration status, but, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, by the “content of their character.”

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