Tell Congress to Pass the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA)!

Over the last few years, young activists have brought national attention to the issue of rape on campus. In response congress members have proposed the CASA Act to reform how universities respond to and report sexual assaults at their schools. Our students decided to advocate for this bill. For more information on the bill see here:
This year we have partnered with so that anybody can upload an image and a message and it will be turned into 3 actualpostcards that get mailed to our New York senators and the chair of the committee that will decide whether the Campus Accountability and Safety Act moves forward.  Please Watch their video promoting the campaign: It's only a minute and a half. 

Then go to this link: to make a postcard.  Each image you upload will become 3 postcards. 

Imagine when MCS students walk to the Senator's office and deliver hundreds of postcards with your messages on them! The more the merrier and if you know people who work on related issues please let them know.
Thank you and please spread the word!!! 

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