MCS Activists reflect on "Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity"

On February 7th several MCS Activists attended a performance at the New School entitled Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity, an interview-based theatre production by Ping Chong + Company. Exploring the diverse experiences of Muslim communities within New York City, the young participants in Beyond Sacred share the common experience of coming of age in a post-9/11 NYC. The goal of Beyond Sacred is to use theater and personal testimony to foster greater understanding among Muslim and non-Muslim communities in New York and beyond.

"It was really interesting to hear all of the personal stories.  Hearing stories from people who've struggled with islamophobia for their whole lives made it apparent that the problem is much bigger than a one-time thing in the news." -Ayla

"There were five people sharing the voices of many people who'd submitted stories. They talked about how people started to judge people wearing hijabs and how all muslims are blamed for things that have happened that they did not all agree to.  Even five year olds and ten year olds are being mistreated at school." - Jessica

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