Fifth Floor Students Host Cultural Festival!

By Altana

This past Saturday we held a Cultural Festival at MCS! Visitors could listen to live entertainment, take yoga classes, get a henna tattoo, learn how to fold origami, create a dream catcher, munch on homemade food from around the world, learn about our activism project involving the DREAM Act, and much more. As I walked throughout the first and second floors, I saw people enjoying themselves. There was a feel on camaraderie in each person who smiled as they bought tickets to take part in the activities and made donations to help my class! It was amazing to me how our community could pull together to help two grades go on an activism trip to Washington D.C.. I believe that is one of the best parts of MCS; our community is always willing to help others to achieve their goals. 

Emma shows off her "Let's DREAM" cupcakes

African Drumming

Gabriella Callender of Mahina Movement
Kids made dream catchers and African masks at the crafts table


The day closed with a ceremony by Danza, an Aztec group

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