Our first day in Washington DC!

 By Stef and HG

After our arrival at Washington D.C. we went to an office building for members of congress.  We met former history teacher Rachel Sussman, whose roommate works for Senator Max Baucus. From there, some of his staff took us through a series of tunnels to a secret train, which basically consisted of a small, open train car which we rode to the Capital Building.  Most of us were very excited about going on a secret train.  We then waited on a series of lines, and eventually gained access to the gallery in the Capital Building.  We were let in by groups by a very funny guard who made us all laugh once or twice.  We walked around the gallery, looking at beautiful pieces of art, and then we went to the Senate meeting room, and watch Barbara Boxer, a senator, argue for the passage of a transportation jobs bill.  We left all too soon, as we were only allowed about five minutes to watch the debate.  We then left the building and took pictures outside of the Capitol Building, and asked our tour guides questions about the Capitol Building.  Overall, we had an excellent time. 
We're riding the secret train!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to Ben’s Chili bowlwe headed off to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a DC institution, for dinner.  Our feast included unlimited French fries with chili and cheese sauces and then chili or half smokes or burgers.  We learned about the history of Ben’s and its connection to the African-American community.  We learned a lot from the guy who was speaking to us. I thought he was a very good speaker because he had my attention almost the whole time. I also understood what he was talking about - the importance of the Chili Bowl to the African American community in DC. The best part about the visit was that I was laughing with my friends. It was really fun because I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard before. The soda tasted so good and so did the fries. I didn’t really get to eat my hotdog because I was so full of fries. The hot dog tasted good especially because it had the famous chili sauce. I was the best night for me because I got to walk back to the playground with my friends right after. 
Then we went back to our Bed and Breakfast, the Adams Inn, for quiet time and bed. It was a great first day.

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